October 6, 2009



(is my life being eaten by the internet?)

I was going to post a piece today on canned pears , waxing on about the glory of fall fruit, but the truth is I am too depressed .  Saddened by the news of Gourmet Magazines shuttering I am instead eating the pears in vanilla syrup, with chocolate,lots of chocolate.
I know the internet has made made our lives faster and in some ways much more interesting. I know it has increased the exchange of information between cultures and is considered the great democratizer. I love blogging and the platform that the internet has given writers like me and a whole new generation of foodies.  But I am saddened to see the demise of publishing, the closing of neighborhood stores, and the homogenization of the movie business.
I am going to have a nap, wake me up yesterday.


  1. I do not want to talk about Gourmet Magazine; I want to talk about fig jam.
    We have three flavors from Nina. Balsamic Pickled with walnuts, Mike's favorite, and Turkish with sesame and backyard conserve. My problem is with the last two. I can not decide which one is best. Standing at the kitchen counter with both jars open, some crackers, cream cheese and even some sliced apple to dip into, did not help. I will have to repeat the experiment again today to see if I can come up with a favorite. They are both fantastic and make for a perfect quiet afternoon snack before the kids get home from school and everything falls apart.

  2. The whole internet explosion has me confused, are we really better off? On one hand at the click of a mouse I have your great recipes and on the other we have lost great magazines, our local book and record stores and all the mom and pop shops I grew up with that remembered me and what my favorite thing was. I'm going to stuff my face with some fig jam and get drunk on blackberry vodka and try not to think about this for the rest of the day.